Description of the investment

The second investment carried out at Wałowa street in Gdańsk is number 42. Unlike Vintage, it is a new building where people who want to live comfortably, and in a modern way on the border of the Old and New Towns in Gdańsk will find space for themselves. The corner building will be made of the highest quality materials, and its uniqueness will be emphasized by elegantly finished common areas. The shape of the building will separate the green common area from the street, where you will be able to catch your breath and relax, while still staying in the city center. This space will also emphasize the neighborly atmosphere of the investment.  Just around the corner apartment residents will find shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs, entertainment, public transportation, train and bus stations as well as the most historic monuments and museums of Gdańsk.







Waterlane Corner

Sales office


Dom & House Nieruchomości

ul. Szafarnia 11 lok. U5, Gdańsk


tel. 58 301 43 14

tel. +48 697 777 829


tel. +48 533 977 000



ul. Stągiewna 19/2, 80-750 Gdańsk


tel. 58 301 10 11

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