Investment description

Houses ready - Commissioning has started


Oak is new to the Waterlane family in many respects.  It is located in the developing seaside district of the city in Brzeźno, at Kobieli street. This time the investor decided to turn unconventional architectural visions into single-family houses. There are 14 of them, each with an area of ​​136 m2, divided into three levels. Adjacent to the houses are gardens and covered parking spaces. All this is accompanied by natural greenery with a 500-year-old oak as the main attraction. It has a family area, where there are spaces for both free time and private moments for everyone. The quiet and safe Brzeźno district is ideally located close to the city center, which contributes to its convenience. Beautiful walking areas, pier, bicycle paths, as well as the proximity of the sea make the area attractive for living and relaxation.



Plan of investment


A unique feature of the top level of each house is the possibility of changing the space to your individuality. It can become a home office or a place to relax, or even a home cinema.





Dom & House Nieruchomości

ul. Szafarnia 11 lok. U5, Gdańsk


tel. 58 301 43 14

tel. +48 697 777 829


tel. +48 533 977 000



ul. Stągiewna 19/2, 80-750 Gdańsk


tel. 58 301 10 11

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